Back Pain


Everyone at some point suffers from back pain whether its an 18 year old athlete training 6 days a week or an 80 year old grandfather walking the dog. The key to diagnosing back pain is identifying the nature of the injury and the cause. Once these are established through a thorough history taking and assesment we then individually tailor a treatment for each client using a combination of modalities including deep tissue massage, dry needling, cupping , electrotherapy or manipulative therapy. These combined with a progressive exercise plan are essential to help people recover from an injury and carry out their day to day lives as normal.





Cupping has come into the limelight since the olympics and rightly so. I have been practicing cupping for some time now and have seen some amazing results. I use vacuum cupping as an additional massage tool to help release tissue, muscle, fascia and increase blood flow to the area. Ive also found it great for muscle tears and people with mobility issues. 

Alot of people have jumped on the bandwagon lately saying that it can cause harm or that there is no medical basis behind it trying to imply its not a sound method for treating people, as well as a practicing therapist and someone who gets regular cupping treatments done i can tell you it has had a huge affect on me and how i treat people and not only that, the people i treat are also showing great results too.

Cupping has been used throughout eastern europe and asia for hundreds of years to cure all types of ailments and injuries and when practised by a qualified practicioner is a very safe and affective treatment. I will leave it up to you to decide but anyone who wants to know more or see how it works can contact me anytime. 

James Makin 


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